I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

All your data stored in Password Manager by 2Stable is always end-to-end encrypted, and your Master Password is never shared with anyone, not even with us. This makes it impossible to restore your Master Password if you forget it. Unfortunately, the very last and only option available to continue using Password Manager by 2Stable is to start over and create a new vault.

IMPORTANT: You have unlimited attempts to enter your password, allowing you to try any combination you think might be correct.

To start over and create a new vault you need to follow the next steps:

1. Open Password Manager by 2Stable and introduce the wrong password.

2. Next, press on Forgot password.

3. Select Start Over.

Once you confirm that you want to start over, you will be able to create a new vault and start from zero.

However, if you remember your password and wish to switch between existing vaults, please follow the instructions in the article on How to switch between vaults?. This article provides step-by-step guidance on seamlessly switching between your vaults whenever you remember the associated password.

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